The Event Planning Recipe for Success

The Event Planning Recipe for Success

By Ambra B. - March 2021 - 211 Views

Have you ever needed to host a party or plan one from scratch? It could have been as a surprise for a friend, or maybe being the creative one in the family, it was your “duty,” or maybe there was no other option, or you work in the industry, and you plan parties and events for a living?

 I feel like we all have found ourselves in that specific situation more than once. I have personally, and yet somehow, each time, I feel like I could’ve done something better, or something could’ve looked more beautiful. It sounds like a simple task, hosting a party, fun, balloons, food, music... Initial thoughts go towards enjoyment and having a good time. When you are on the other side of the story, though, it’s not just fun and games when you are planning it. It’s an actual duty with responsibilities. 

You have to know a lot to be able to throw the best party or event. You must know what music to add to the playlist, what food, who is allergic to what. Make sure to include everyone and make everyone feel good. You have to pick the right decorations, the right color, the right color for that gender reveal party... Imagine the chaos you would create by choosing the wrong color for your pregnant friend. Awful right?

 So, is there a secret for success when you plan an event?  While going through articles, I read this interesting one from Entrepreneur titled “The Event Planning Recipe for Success,” and I got intrigued almost immediately.

One of the pieces of advice I read in the article was to stay calm as the key to success. Did we know that already, right? Well, maybe we didn’t know it so well. Perhaps we tend to lose our cool once we have so much pressure and so much to deal with. Honestly, though, being calm is very important because you most probably will make the wrong one when you make decisions while stressed or anxious.

Another exciting thing I saw in this article was to create good vibes and energy! I believe so much in having the sound power in the room! It gives people ease of mind, calmness, and just positivity all together. A cheerful group of people is a happy one.

 There are many more things to consider while hosting or planning an event, but we kind of know the rest. I had to emphasize these two. Energy and positivity are crucial for every step you take in your life, and just like that is also very important to take a thing with ease and be calm in everything you do.

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  • March 2021

    Richard Denham

    This was such a detail-oriented article. Much needed. Good job to the author.

  • March 2021

    Dorthy Taylor

    Fascinating article. It is also very informative to the ones who want to be a party or event planner in the near future.


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